in my new office OUTSIDE as cars drive by, as a symbolic statement:

anyone's invited to look over my shoulder as I build an open company!

the beginning of a beautiful camaraderie between markets and everyone, I'll do my best to inspire and lead by example.

we're freeing open our company, to prove ourselves with super transparency and action over words.

MORE companies should do this.

stop by, browse through our file cabinet, ask questions, learn, or also participate!

we're planting seeds to grow the tools of civilization more open, sustainable, and adaptable.*

freeing the knowledge we gain.**

strengthened by our community. with moments of your time.

–– Marino Hernandez (founding)

*(adaptable is: compatibility with technologies | and people – powerful for beginners and experts)

**(freeing it open for humanity via Creative Commons)

seeds germinating

we are planting seeds of friendly upending.

five types of seeds.

one type of seed aims to upend certifications. traditionally expensive, fairly involved, too often behind closed doors.

we'll upend that model by making ours...

(all seeds on this page – including fans certifications – are open to public view)*

(fans powered franchises are the for-profit seeds. they help finance Openplex.

we're thinking of making all other seeds nonprofit.

bonus: your Marketply app also helps you find many of the other seeds!)

insight and connection matter.

so let's upend jargon. Words that strain our communications and insight.

let's replace all jargon with...

(freeing all their knowledge via Creative Commons)

('view source' your entire device like a web page except better. customize it all. modular apps)

(coming soon: Adapteer – a museum of adaptability)

Openplex also likes powering awareness and helping to open up progress.

join our efforts on:

  • ads that spark a global awareness of open source and sustainability.
  • fans engines for advancing and freeing goods.

all of the seeds (tap to enlarge):

*(we'll make Openplex and its seeds ineligible to be fans certified, to avoid conflict of interest, although they must still honor and abide by all requirements as if they're certified, and the community – not Openplex – decides if that's being fulfilled)